Mutual Self-Help Housing Program

How do I know this program is a good fit for me?

By taking the first step to submit your pre-qualification form (Please see the How to Apply section on this page), you’re taking the first step to potentially become a family partner with Habitat and own your own home. Read through the information on Habitat’s website and write questions dow for when the Program Manager follows up with you. A few key characteristics of the program are that: you must be willing to work with other families, build your home and the homes of other families in your build group and perform sweat equity hours every week until all homes are completed.

Are all Habitat for Humanity affiliates the same?

No. Each Habitat for Humanity is its’ own affiliate and works to serve the communities they reside in. Some affiliates perform similar work but each affiliate has different sources of funding, different partnerships and their own programming.

What is “sweat equity”?

“Sweat equity” is Helena Area Habitat for Humanity’s language to explaining the requirement that families earn equity through their own labor and the building of their home and other families homes. This requirement makes building a home with Habitat a unique and special experience because families are not only invested in their own home but are directly responsible to also build other families homes. This is an important and key part to the process of building in a group and helping to form lasting relationships and strong communities. Click here to read more about sweat equity.

What if I have children and am concerned about childcare?

Helena Area Habitat for Humanity is committed to working with families that have children. Childcare can be a harder barrier to navigate so it’s important that if this is a concern, please share it with the Program Manager at your initial follow-up meeting after you’ve submitted your pre-qualification form. In no way will lack of childcare disqualify a family. Arrangements will be discussed and solutions created on a case by case basis.

How big are the homes that Helena Area Habitat for Humanity builds?

Homes are typically 3-bedrooms and vary in size due to the needs of each family. Helena Area Habitat for Humanity is committed to building safe, efficient and affordable housing to meet the needs of the families that Habitat serves and partners with.

Do families get to choose colors, materials and appliances and what goes into their home?

Every build group is different due to incredible businesses and organizations donating various in-kind materials. Many aspects of the homes are the same and some aspects allow for choices to be made. For example, families may be given the opportunity to choose between various colors of flooring and whether or not they want a specific appliance. Habitat is committed to staying within budget and building safe, efficient and affordable homes to meet the need of the families Habitat serves and partners with.


What types of donations do you accept?

This list may not be limited to these items, but we do accept: appliances, furniture, flooring, lighting/ceiling fans, doors, cabinets, countertops, carpets, construction materials, drywall, electrical fixtures, hardware, lumber, plywood, siding, trim, tools, plumbing fixtures, roofing, tile, tubs/sinks, windows, and lawn equipment.

If you have something that isn’t on this list, please give the ReStore a call to see if we can accept it! (406) 457-0444