Rural Partnerships

Helena Habitat has recently expanded to provide service to individuals and families in rural areas who are in need of safe, affordable housing. Thanks to the collaboration of Helena Habitat and the partner organizations listed below, homes are currently under construction in the small town of Red Lodge, located in Carbon County.


The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation

The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation serves the Red Lodge and surrounding communities through building awareness of local issues, connecting people to resources, and creating programs that serve people in need. One of their many missions and a key program they facilitate, is to increase the quality of and options for housing for community members. RLACF reached out to Helena Habitat in 2018 in order to help address the growing need for housing in Carbon County.


U.S. Department of Agriculture

Through the USDA’s Rural Development Mutual Self-Help Housing (MSH) program, the USDA seeks to assist low-income and very-low income families with obtaining mortgages and homeownership by participating in the building of their own home and the homes of their neighbors . By building in groups of people, the program allows for homes to be built, people to have safe, affordable and efficient housing, and for communities to be fostered and created in the process.


Altana Federal Credit Union

Altana Federal Credit Union is a local Montana company which has provided Helena Habitat with a low-rate construction loan in order to start the building process in Red Lodge.


Trust Montana

Trust Montana is a statewide organization which holds land in trust in order to preserve community assets, inclusive of farmland and workforce housing, and ultimately, ensure that home ownership is attainable and access to land remains affordable. By maintaining ownership of the land that Habitat homes are built upon and leasing the land to homeowners, Trust Montana ensures that these homes remain affordable for future generations.