Housing Preservation


To: All interested agencies, groups, and persons

Helena Area Habitat for Humanity is preparing an application to the United States Department of Agriculture for a Housing Preservation Grant. The purpose of the grant is to augment existing funds to expand housing improvement in rural areas of Lewis and Clark County to repairs the homes of low and very-low income households to Housing Quality Standards. A statement of activities if available on our website at www.helenahabitat.org/repairs/housingpreservation.

All interested citizens are invited to submit written comments by Tuesday May 6th, 2020 to Helena Area Habitat for Humanity P.O. Box 459 Helena, MT 59624 Attn: Jacob Kuntz, Executive Director.

Statement of Activities –

Authorized housing preservation assistance includes, but is not limited to, cost of labor and materials for:

(1) Installation and/or repair of sanitary water and waste disposal systems, together with related plumbing and fixtures, which will meet local health department requirements;

(2) Electrical wiring;

(3) Repair of, or provision for, structural supports and foundations;

(4) Repair or replacement of the roof;

(5) Replacement of severely deteriorated siding, porches or stoops;

(6) Alterations of the unit’s interior or exterior to provide greater accessibility for any handicapped person;

(7) Necessary repairs to manufactured housing provided:

(i) For homeowners only, the recipient owns the home and
the site on which the home is situated and the homeowner
has occupied that home on that site for at least 1 year
prior to receiving HPG assistance; and

(8) Additions to any dwelling (conventional or manufactured) only when it is clearly necessary to alleviate overcrowding or to remove health hazards to the occupants