Rental Housing

Rocky Mountain Development Council-They have a local office in Helena, and they offer a wide variety fo financial services: first-time homebuyer classes, affordable housing residencies, energy services such as weatherization and energy share for past due heating bills.

Beverly Dashaw: Work (406-457-7461)

Address: 200 S Cruse Ave, Helena, MT 59601

RMDC: 406-447-1680


Good Samaritan: There is a new Housing Navigator position and this person is tasked with outreach efforts and suppoorting people to find safe and affordable rental housing. If you are havin gchallenges iwth your landlord, are seeking housing options and/or support with anything rental housing related, please call:

Chandler Rowling: Work (406-442-0780)


Address: Good Samaritan Ministries, 3067 N Montana Ave, Helena, MT 59601

Fax: 406-449-0886

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