Regular Volunteers

Meet our Regular Volunteers!

“I first became acquainted with Habitat perhaps 20 years ago or more through working at Wells Fargo Bank in Helena.  Initial volunteering was sporadic and usually one day at a time.  I don’t remember when I first volunteered, but the construction foreman at the time was Ross.  I can’t remember Ross’s last name, but he was an awesome leader.  I started volunteering once per week about 4 years ago when we were working on the Billings Avenue homes.

I’ve worked on the Billings Avenue homes, Boulder Avenue home, Custer and Benton home, Twilight and Stacia Street homes, some home repair in East Helena, some ramp installations, siding on the Re-Store and basement work at the Re-Store.  The last work I did before Coronavirus shut us down was drawer and shelving construction in a new work trailer.

I volunteer because:

  • I very much like the people I work with and for on job sites.
  • I constantly learn a ton about building, using tools, clever techniques, good safety… and about people
  • Americorps members, Nicole Sommers (2018) and Giacomo Sartorelli (2019) are awesome.
  • Nate Welch is a patient and helpful coach and teaches me a lot.
  • I believe Habitat’s work is important in stopping a piece of the poverty cycle.
  • All of the Habitat staff I’ve met have all been first class and a joy to work with/for.

There are many highlights, but I’d say the best has been working for Mark Leland.  Mark has a remarkable ability to work with people… especially people who aren’t skilled and make mistakes.  He is incredibly patient and a skilled teacher.  He NEVER makes one feel dumb or unappreciated.  The way he directs hugely diverse groups and gets things done is a marvel.” -Brad Lancaster

“After recently retiring and moving to Helena I found myself with plenty of time on my hands. Even with projects around the house and working in my shop, I still needed something else to occupy my time. My sister-in-law, Ann, suggested I join her in volunteering at Habitat For Humanity. I enjoy working with my hands and had experience building houses in my youth so I thought it would be a great fit. They were working on a remodel on Billings Avenue at the time so she put me in touch with them and that was the start of my relationship with Habitat. That was nearly 3 years ago and I have enjoyed it immensely. As well as the remodel in Billings Avenue we have helped out on a few projects at the restore, installed accessibility ramps at a number of locations and for the past two years or so have been working at Mountain View Meadows constructing 12 new houses.

To me being a volunteer for any organization is something everyone should consider if they have the time. It is a very satisfying feeling to know you have done something in some small way to make someone’s life a little easier. It is an absolute pleasure working with and getting to know the staff of Habitat, both at the ReStore and at the building site and working alongside such a wonderful group of volunteers. It is very uplifting getting to know and working alongside the families involved in this wonderful  program. The pride and gratitude they demonstrate is nothing short of awe inspiring. I feel I have made some lasting friendships from this experience, what more could anyone ask for.” -Carl Pace

“I volunteered with Habitat back in the late 90’s. I worked on a house over in East Helena for about 6 months and then life took over. I reconnected with Habitat a little over 2 years ago when my scheduled freed up a little, allowing me more time to do other things. I worked in the ReStore for a few months before moving out to the Mountain View Meadows Projects.

I volunteer for many reasons. Growing up,  all my brothers and myself worked with my Dad as he flipped homes.  Some of my brothers went on to make construction their lives and some of us chose other pathways. I truly enjoy construction and keep coming back to it. Habitat gives me an opportunity to utilize those skills and feed my love for construction while giving back to the community and these deserving future home owners.

I guess I have two  highlights of volunteering, one was being a part of the Blitz Build last year.  That was so much fun.  It was great to be there early Monday morning and help set the first wall and then be there on Friday as we were finishing up the painting in the garage.  The second highlight was last year during the home dedication ceremony.  It was amazing to see the community of volunteers coming together to celebrate what a group of people and organizations can do with a little hard work and time.  The smile and appreciation on the homeowners faces is what makes it all worth it.” -Ed Leas

To all our volunteers – thank you so much for all that you do for Helena Area Habitat for Humanity!

Meet our Regular Volunteers!

Christy started volunteering for the ReStore in 2018. She said, “I love what the ReStore does! I’m a recycler, I love keeping stuff out of the garbage, and I love interacting with people to hear what they’re going to do to re-purpose things.” We appreciate Christy because she has a way of drawing customers to her. She can walk around the store and engage people in a very genuine way and can hold conversation with almost anyone about anything and remain positive.

“I enjoy volunteering at the Helena Habitat Restore because the store is constantly changing. Kristen is always looking to keep the store inventory dynamic. Based on need, shelves, bins, and areas may be radically changed from week to week to accommodate new items or remove items that are not selling. I am amazed at the variety of materials that are donated, including things I’ve never seen before! But the staff is very knowledgeable, have seen it all, and know what will sell,  to recycle, or to put in the Free Area. A very friendly place to volunteer and help the grateful public to find a good deal.” -Jake Kandelin

“I’ve been volunteering at the ReStore for 3 years. I am a strong advocate of Habitat for Humanity so I try to help out wherever I am able. I also believe strongly in recycling materials whenever possible, and the ReStore helps keep tons of useful material out of landfills while at the same time providing materials for other people’s projects. It’s just a win-win for everyone.” -Irene Strauss

To all our volunteers – thank you so much for all that you do for Helena Area Habitat for Humanity!