Energy Assistance

Rocky Mountain Development Council – Energy Shares and LIEAP.

There are emergency funds available through Rocky Mountain Development Council‘s Energy Share and Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). LIEAP assists low income households with meeting the expenses of keeping warm during the cold months. The cold months start October 1 and the program closes April 30 each year.

You can apply for weatherization, or for assistance with an unsafe condition in your home’s primary space or water heating system, at any time throughout the year by contacting Energy Services at (406) 447-1625. If you are approved for LIEAP during the normal heating season (October 1- April 30 each year) you are automatically made eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program ( and for assistance with no-heat emergencies.

April 30th is the last date to apply for the regular energy assistance program but due to COVID-19, May 1 is when the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds will open and become available for families to apply and will stay open until September 30.

Anyone can apply and the application process is simple: an application, proof of one month of income and a short narrative about how COVID-19 has affected your family income. These relief funds will be a one-time benefit and the amount received depends on your context. The funds will go directly to the provider and vendor that you need them to go to.

Visit their website to learn more about applying: