Improved Health and Nutrition: A Hidden Benefit of Homeownership

“The greatest wealth is health,” so goes the popular saying by the poet Virgil. So, while last month we talked about homeownership as a vehicle for wealth-building, in this post we’ll discuss the invaluable positive impact that stable, quality housing has on the mental and physical health of people of all ages.

Building Wealth through Homeownership

Overall stability, better health, improved educational performance, the freedom to have pets and make improvements… all of these are reasons why many people can benefit from affordable homeownership. At the root of many of these positive outcomes is the transformative power that owning a home can have on a household’s finances. This

“Where are They Now?”: Featuring Habitat Homeowner April Heimann

The path to becoming a homeowner with Habitat for Humanity can be challenging. It takes financial preparation and planning, including taking a hard and honest look at one’s current income, credit, and debt. From there, some future homeowners spend months or years – with the guidance of Helena Habitat – working to

Bixby Home Dedication

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10TH AT 12 PM The Staff and Supporters of Helena Area Habitat for Humanity are proud to join the Bixby family to celebrate this important moment in their lives as they take possession of their new home. WELCOME BIXBYS