Volunteer at the ReStore

Volunteering at the ReStore is a fun way to make a difference in your community without swinging a hammer or getting your boots muddy.​ When you volunteer at our ReStore you are helping us get one step closer to our mission of eliminating substandard housing in our community.

ReStore Volunteer Duties Include:

  • ​Assisting customers​
  • Accepting, cleaning and pricing donations
  • ​Organizing items on the sales floor
  • ​Assisting ReStore staff members on donation pick-ups

Volunteering with Us:

If you would like to volunteer at the ReStore you can sign up for shifts on our Volunteer Calendar.

If you have questions about volunteering please contact our Volunteer Coordinator directly at volunteer@helenahabitat.org or (406) 204-7313. Please note that if you are completing court-ordered community service then it is required for us to run a background check.

Volunteers and Employees sharing a meal together.

Andrew greeting customers on a Thursday at the ReStore

Assisting customers to their vehicles with purchases.